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Broadcast Blues: Dispatches from the Twenty-Year War Between A Television Reporter and his Medium

The Joy of Books: Confessions of A Life-Long Reader

The Spirits of America: A Social History of Alcohol

The Smoke of the Gods: A Social History of Tobacco

Infamous Scribblers: The Founding Fathers and the Rowdy Beginnings of American Journalism

All the News Unfit to Print: How Things Were . . . and How They Were Reported

Virtue, Valor, & Vanity: The Founding Fathers and the Pursuit of Fame

Invasion of the Mind-Snatchers: Television’s Conquest of America in the Fifties

1920: The Year That Made the Decade Roar

The Golden Lad: The Haunting Story of Theodore and Quentin Roosevelt

Someone to Watch Over Me: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Tortured Father Who Shaped Her Life